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SIGR Kotte Beanie

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Thin enough to fit comfortably under a helmet and will also look the part without one. Spread the Sigr love with our natty logo on the front.

Remember, it's great to have a range of woolly hats for different conditions - here in Umeå for example this hat would work from early winter to early spring down to -12°C or so when cycling moderately hard.

We call this one 'Kotte' the Swedish word for 'cone' as in pine cone. Tricky little things if you hit one while leaned over, going round a bend at speed. We have millions of the things looking down at us all year round, biding their time, waiting for the right moment to strike!*

*Fake news ;)


  • One size: 240mm (w) x 270mm (h) when flat.
  • Lightly elastic
  • Logo print
  • Will fit under your helmet
  • Not windproof material

Fabric: Quality cotton with elastan - 180 g/kvm (Oeko-tex 100)