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February 19, 2020 1 min read

Now I might be a bit bias. But if you're looking for your next cycling destination, then the Turku Archipelago in Finland has to be on your bucket list. It is a unique patchwork of thousands of islands. The Archipelago Trail (also called The Archipelago Ring Road) allows you to access the archipelago without your own boat. You just ride and ferry-hop through this amazing scenery.

Turku Archipelago - Your Next Cycling Destination

The full length is about 250 kilometers but you can choose shorter routes as well. You can bring your own bike or rent one. Have you tried an e-bike yet? You can rent one from 10bikes

Turku Archipelago - Your Next Cycling Destination

There are numerous accommodation providers and restaurants open around the year in the archipelago!

The circular route of the Archipelago Trail, even though only about 200 kilometers in length, offers a surprising number of varied experiences. During your trip from one island to another, you will experience various ferries and vessels – most of which are free of charge.

The Trail can be explored also during the winter, although a roundtrip without backtracking is only possible during the summer months.

See you there! :)

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