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March 08, 2020 3 min read

Riding is always fun. But it's even more fun when going up and down REAL mountains with a Cannondale Habit Neo 4.

I went to Canary Islands for a family vacation and had a chance to ride two days (tried to negotiate 3 days with my wife, ended up with 2 :D ) with superb Free Motion bike rental and tour operator.  

My first planned ride was called Fataga Trails that is 'a Grand Canyon experience with a scenic finale riding on new single trails'. Luckily I was the only one in the group and had a private tour with Niki form Hungary. That meant that we could ride where ever we wanted and sure we did! We started climbing easy fire roads. And yes, it was even easier with an e-mtb. At first the bike felt horrible since it had been over a month riding outdoors (Zwift season in Finland). The bike also felt a bit large for my taste but I got used to it quite fast with adjusting the saddle post while riding.

Pretty soon we got the taste of more technical riding as we hit the single tracks. Canary Islands is rocky and dusty and we sure got our parts of it. Pretty technical descent in a gorgeous mountain setup. Highly recommended. After single tracks we rode fast fire tracks and at some points I felt that the suspension couldn't take it all but I survived.

A quick lunch break and back on saddle! Fast easy riding, some harder climbing on the road (thank e-god it still wasn't that hard) and then back on single trails. More rocks, cactuses and speed. I felt like I was heaven, felt like flying. And then I was really flying: too much speed a quick turn and a big rock equaled an OTB big time. Suddenly I was flying upside down, landed on rocks and saw my bike flying over my head. A quick check out, no bones broken no major scratches (I was so wrong) and a bit shaken. 

My guide Miki quickly checked me and my bike up, cleaned one minor scratch on my leg, and made sure I was good to go again after about 5 minutes after the scratch. My shoulder felt a bit stiff, otherwise I felt pretty okay and we hit off to the last part of our ride.

Returned my bike, got a ride to our hotel and checked out the damages. My daughter counted 17 scratches / bruises and I was quite something to stare at later by the pool... I got really lucky though: no broken bones or bigger cuts.

A small scratch on my Giro Montaro MIPS helmet (luckily no headache), a ripped hole on my God & Famous 'Kinda Orange' long-sleeved jersey (long-sleeves are a good protection against minor scratches and I guess the backpack protected me well) and a hole on my old shorts that can now be replaced by a new pair of Giro Arc MTB shorts

Unfortunately I missed my second ride because of a mix up with the start time and had to settle with beer and pool activities. ;) Next time I will ride much more with Free Motion guys. Excellent guides, bikes and sandwiches. 

Enjoy your rides and always protect yourselves! 

Your shopkeeper,

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